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Photo c. Gail Albert Halaban from the series "Out My Window" 



Soraya Field Fiorio is a historian, writer, and musician based in New York City. Her research interests include intellectual history, comparative mythology, and the Neolithic and Bronze Age cultures of the ancient Near East and Aegean.  She works to recover "lost" historical women—hidden figures whose presence has been omitted from the traditional metanarrative through either intentional destruction or neglect. 


A classically-trained pianist, she is one half of the band

White Falcon Black Dove along with Chaka Malik.


Photo c. Studio Fotín



The Epic of Gilgamesh,

The King Who Tried to Conquer Death

         Dive into the Epic of Gilgamesh, and follow the king of Uruk

on a series of dangerous quests as he searches for immortality.





June 2021

A Day in the Life of an Ancient Babylonian Business Mogul

Follow Beltani, a Babylonian priestess and businesswoman, as she investigates who is undermining her barley fields and tavern.



January 2021

The Rise and Fall of

History's First Empire


Discover history’s first empire: Sumer, located in Mesopotamia, which built the world’s first cities and created the first writing system.



October 2020

Who Was the World's

First Author? 

Travel back in time to ancient Mesopotamia and meet Enheduanna, a high priestess and the world’s first author.



March 2020

The Murder of Ancient Alexandria's Greatest Scholar

 Who was Hypatia and why was she deemed a threat? ​




August 2019

The Race to Decode a Mysterious Language

Dig into the mysterious Linear B symbols, found on ancient tablets on the island of Crete, which took scholars nearly 50 years to decode.



TED-Ed, with Susan Lupack 

July 2020

The Last Chief of the Comanches and the Fall of an Empire

Get to know the story of Quanah Parker, a Native American warrior and leader, and the last chief of the Comanche tribe.



TED-Ed, with Dustin Tahmahkera

July 2020


Isaac Newton:

The Magician 

The secret life of Sir Isaac Newton

and his inward search for hidden truth. 


Parabola Magazine

December 2020

A fight over all things visible and invisible, featuring practical magic, empire, and terrible men.



Lapham's Quarterly

January 2019

On archaic marriage laws—and those who found loopholes in them.



Lapham's Quarterly

June 2018



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